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Specialty Drinks

Hot served in 12 and 16 oz- (Iced and Frozen Drinks only sold in 16 oz size) 12 oz. 16 oz.
The Dean’s List
Spiced Chai Latte with two shots of espresso
4.35 4.70
The Care Package
White and Milk Ghirardeli Chocolate mixed for a perfect Mocha.
3.80 4.10
The Quad
A latte with our four favorite syrups—butterscotch, vanilla, chocolate, and a touch of maraschino cherry—all the makings of an ice cream sundae!
3.90 4.50
The Sorority Girl
Our take on the favorite minty scout cookies. Chocolate mint flavoring, espresso, and steamed milk.
3.90 4.50
The All Nighter
After a night of studying OR partying, an extra two shots of expresso and vanilla in our perfect latte should wake you up before that 8:30 a.m. class.
3.90 4.20
Geo. 101
Rocky mountain hazelnut and Ghirardelli® white chocolate stirred into steamed milk and our house espresso—it’s earth shaking goodness!
4.50 4.80
Creamy Ghirardelli caramel with espresso and steamed milk
3.80 4.10

Traditional Coffee and Tea Drinks

gourmet and expertly prepared 12 oz. 16 oz.
Brewed Coffee
House, Single Origin, Decaf
2.20 2.52
Americano 2.52 2.75
Latte 3.37 3.72
Mocha 3.80 4.10
Hot Coco 2.89 3.26
Chai Latte 3.44 3.76
White Chocolate Mocha 3.80 4.10
Espresso 2.35
Fresh brewed Iced Tea 2.31
Steamer 2.75
Cappuccino 3.25
all espresso drinks priced as double shots


12 oz. 16 oz.
Au lait, half and half .65 .65
Add espresso or flavor .70, .50 .70, .50
List of Flavored Syrups
American Strawberry
Creme Caramel English Red Raspberry
French Vanilla
Highland Butterscotch
Marachino Cherry
Rocky Mountain Hazelnut
 *subject to change seasonally

Other Beverages

12 oz. 16 oz.
Italian soda 2.55
Real fruit smoothies 4.30
Frozen Lemonade 4.30
Loose leaf tea 2.31


Assortment will vary Per serving
Danish 3.15
Brownie 2.85
flax seed bar 2.75
Blueberry, Apple Cinnamon, or Chocolate Muffin 2.75
Homemade scone 2.85
Colossal cookies 2.25


Breakfast—until 11am
Rise and Shine
Egg, bacon, spinach, and havarti
Big Breakfast Burrito
eggs, bacon, red salsa, and smoked gouda, cilantro sour cream
Oatmeal- with brown sugar and choose 3 seasonal toppings 3.45 or 5.15
Granola- with ground flax seed and choose 3 toppings 3.45 or 5.15
 *Oatmeal and Granola served in cup or bowl, served all day
Lunch Menu—11am- 9pm (comes with a complimenting side and pickle)
Spicy Bird
Turkey, havarti, jalapeno, and locally made mustard
Gourmet Grilled Cheese
Havarti, fresh mozzarella, sharp cheddar, scallions, and pesto
Veg Out
Portobello mushrooms, swiss, tomato, spinach and pesto
Wraps and Salads—11am-5pm (Wraps come with side of fruit salad and celery sticks)
Southwest Chicken Salad
grilled chicken breast, pamesan cheese, homemade black bean and corn salsa, tomato salsa and cilantro sour cream on a bed of fresh lettuce
Chicken Caesar Salad
Caesar dressing grilled chicken, parmesan, and house croutons on a bed of arcadian lettuce
Seasonal: Shrimp and Avocado Salad 9.45
 Seasonal Hummus: Roasted red pepper hummus, topped with red peppers, green onions, paprika and served with warm flatbread  7.45

Evening Menu

Evening Menu— 5pm-9pm
Choose 6: $15
Flatbread Pizza
Tomato, mozzarella and basil pesto
Cheese and Herb
Mozzarella, parmesan, garlic olive oil and spices
Portabella and Brie
Grilled Portabella mushroom and spinach with brie cheese and olive oil
Pepperoni and Roasted Peppers
Pepperoni, roasted red peppers, mozzarella, and olive oil